Villa Stecchini is a place that in its elegance thinks every day of families and children in particular. The large outdoor spaces make it possible to propose a variety of activities, from the sensory workshop to the spice labyrinth, to the large park where you can run and picnic in peace.
In every season the educational workshops offered are inspired by nature, art and culture, while the educational farm is home to farmyard animals, peacocks, rabbits, baby goats and sometimes special guests such as alpacas and ponies.
Completing the extensive offer is the friendly Elfo Park, a place where children can enjoy themselves in contact with nature, the world of fantasy and the most adventurous and creative games they love. Just like adults, children and young people who enter Villa Stecchini appreciate the atmosphere of ancient stories, the pleasantness of being in the open air, the spaces that man and nature have combined together in an elegant and harmonious way.



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