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Villa stecchini

Villa Stecchini is an elegant private residence built in the early 17th Century in Romano d’Ezzelino, in the heart of Veneto region, by the noble family of “Gli Stecchini”, which still owns it today. 

Located at the foot of Monte Grappa, it is surrounded by a park of 16,000 square meters and Italian gardens with a splendid fish pond overlooking the barchessa, the colombara, the greenhouses and a noble chapel, still consecrated. 

All original furnishings are still present in the noble halls: paintings from the Da Ponte school, Canovian sculptures and the only existing portrait of Gemma Donati (wife of Dante Alighieri).

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Originally, Veneto Villa was the summer residence of noble families from Venice. These families spent their time in bucolic activities which encouraged agrarian production. Wine, Salami, Honey, Corn, Vegetables, Olive oil are all produced on-site using traditional practices. 

This is the ultimate vision of Villa Stecchini, a self sufficient resort where everything which is consumed, it’s produce on-site.

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