Villa Stecchini i s a house that today-as in the past-is inhabited by the Stecchini Family, who care about making the experience of living in an ancient Venetian Villa come alive.

That is why we propose different experiences that make you enjoy our Villa in a customized way. 

We introduce some of our proposals, but if you have different or creative ideas... please do not hesitate to ask... we will be happy to create a tailor-made experience for you.

TASTING IN THE VILLA : discover the wines of our territory and pair them with a selection of Venetian "cicchetteria"... with an introduction by our qualified staff who will explain the origins, winemaking methods and the pairings, all in one of our rooms or in the setting of our garden. 

PIC NIC IN VILLA : Experience the relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere of our garden with a pleasant and convivial picnic! An experience that will make you appreciate the scents, colors and warmth of a pleasant outdoor lunch. Our staff will provide our special picnic basket with a selection of salumi and cheeses, paired with a glass of selected wine or craft beer. 

PIZZA COOKING CLASS: We thought we would entertain you with an enjoyable Pizza cooking class experience, using our antique wood-fired oven from the 1700s and offering a selection of local flours. You will process the basic ingredients to make an artisanal gourmet pizza, and you will be able to dress it with tomatoes and vegetables from our garden. FInally, experience the cozy atmosphere of our garden while enjoying a selection of our craft beers or a good glass of a local wine, enjoying your first Made in Villa Gourmet Pizza. 

TIRAMISU EXPERIENCE: the quintessential Italian dessert comes from the Veneto region of Italy! We want you to discover and try the authentic recipe, as well as how you can then make it at home! Eggs, sugar, cocoa... and then... A mouth-watering experience in an authentic historic place that you will never forget!

Ask for a personalized experience from us or our delegated travel agency asolando.com! It will be a pleasure to tell you about our beauties!





Live the territory

Around Villa Stecchini , the proposals for experiencing the area are truly many! We are at the foot of Monte Grappa , in an open-air gymnasium that offers proposals for sportsmen and women, such as paraglading, mountain biking or e-biking, trekking with historical themed walks with expert guides.

And a little further... we are about an hour from Venice, Verona, Vicenza and Padua ! So, Villa Stecchini is the central point for an itinerary that touches the most beautiful and suggestive pearls of the Veneto region.

Ask us or our travel agency delegate asolando.com
for a customized itinerary ! It will be a pleasure to tell you about the beauties around us!





Outdoor sports


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