Gardens & Patio

Today, luxury is also the possibility of finding oneself in a private, outdoor world and experiencing one's events in a magical place.

If you are looking for these emotions, come and discover the gardens of our 17th-century villa: the Magnolia, La Corte, Il Pergolato, and the Brolo.

In addition, our garden hosts a unique sensory path for authentic moments of rediscovered well-being for adults and children.

Villa Stecchini is surrounded by a wonderful private park of 16,000 square meters where one can relax, stroll, or rejoice in a pleasant summer picnic.

La Magliolia

This century-old tree shelters a beautiful garden where the grass seems to have been bedded down like a carpet; there is nothing more beautiful than walking on it barefoot. Plan a dinner under this weather master.


Overlooking the villa's pond, the Fishpond and Court are the heart of the villa where for centuries the aristocracy gathered on sunny days under an exotic palm tree, later moved to the park.

The Pergola

22 meters of covered vineyard with a wooden structure and tarps to create a long green vault where one can celebrate one's most special moments. The art of living well in an evocative experience that fills the eyes and inspires the mind.

The Brolo

Villa Stecchini is one of the few remaining Venetian villas with its own original orchard of the time, where persimmons, olive trees, walnuts, plum trees and chestnut trees survive. The park, home to these plants, is an ideal location for large events, shows and large installations.


To visit Villa d Stecchini is to immerse oneself in a world of centuries-old trees, exotic plants, fruits and colors that can only be admired here. To walk through its entrance gate is to enter a green oasis where one can regenerate and learn about the history and life of these plants through our guided tours in the park with professional agronomists.

Purifying water

Villa Stecchini historically stands on the waters, which descend inexorably from Mount Grappa and bring a magical aura to the Villa.

The combination of the gardens and the waters serve to re-align the heart, body and mind.Villa Stecchini hosts the 'water from Grappa Mountain, in the pond in front, in the stream in the woods, in the outdoor waterfall and in the 19th-century aqueduct, where SPA is being planned.