Salt & Lounges

Four original rooms that can be used for birthdays, private dinners, corporate meetings, presentations, graduations, anniversaries and weddings. History is breathed into the rooms along with an 'inherent aristocratic aura. They can be rented by the hour, by the day or by the weekend. Upon request: catering service for family and friends, personal photographer, musical accompaniment.

Breakfast Room

Where historically all official lunches were held, with a 12-person round table, original Venetian mash floor and and a beautiful fireplace in the center. This room conveys a feeling of high officialdom , a feeling that becomes timelessly real.

Bridge Hall

This hall appears unchanged since the 1600s, when the family owned the "Bottega" of Jacopo Da Ponte, who, in exchange for rent, paid with paintings, later revealed to be masterpieces to this day in the Hall.

Central Hall

The characteristic style of the "Venetian plan" makes this hall, the center of attention. The central hall is the one to which the other halls and rooms are connected. To experience it, is like being enveloped in an 'enchanted atmosphere of timeless elegance.

The Inn

The Inn is the space where historically wagons with bunches of grapes arrived to be sorted from the branches and piled into the barrels located in the adjoining room. Today Tina Sara is Villa Stecchini's space dedicated to corporate events, training, education, book presentations, company meetings, and events where the public's attention is captured and then they can be entertained in the adjoining rooms of the barrels and the tavern with aperitif dinners and celebrations.