Activities & Tourism

The Villa's surroundings offer a wide range of activities beloved by tourists exploring the Veneto region. For those who want to relax, it feels like being in Tuscany, and visiting the nearby hills of Valdobbiadene, home of Prosecco wine, one can quickly reach Venice and its canals or immerse oneself in history surrounded by Antonio Canova's sculptures in his gipsoteca. For those looking for action, extreme sports play an important role in this area, which is one of the top places in the world for cycling, paragliding, and rafting.

Gastronomic Experience

Villa Stecchini offers of local products grown directly on site, such as Villa Stecchini's EVO oil, vegetables from the Garden, herbs from the greenhouse, and eggs from their own field hens. With this philosophy, we offer wine and food tours in the surrounding prosecco areas, just a few kilometers from Villa Stecchini or ad-hoc organized events such as wine tastings and private dinners.

Cultural Tourism

The entire Vicenza area is known for its many visitable villas.Examples include Palladio's Villa La Rotonda in Vicenza, Villa Angarano in Bassano del Grappa, Villa Pisani and Villa Emo in Fanzolo . Villa Stecchini is ideal for those who want a logistically well-located spot, a pied-à-terre, to then travel from Treviso to Venice from Vicenza to Cittadella to then discover little-known treasures such as Canova's Gipsoteca in Possagno or the Brion Tomb in Altivole.

Historical journeys

Mount Grappa is the place where both World War I and World War II were fought. Many people come to look for the history of their ancestors in these very places.


Experience an adrenaline-pumping descent through the rapids of the Brenta River. Rafting, canoeing and hydrospeed, you'll be spoiled for choice. Adventures for all curious people who want to experience the thrill of its rapids. Rafting: descent of a stretch of river in an inflatable boat accompanied by a guide.


Monte Grappa is considered the Mecca of free flight. It has easily accessible takeoffs always clear of snow, about 300 flyable days per year, stable weather conditions and almost no winds. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots and is a perfect starting point for those who want to undertake cross-country flights along the Venetian Pre-Alps to Slovenia and Austria.

Cycling on Mount Grappa

For lovers of two wheels, Mount Grappa represents one of the most beloved challenges, also made famous by the passage of the Giro d'Italia during various editions. For road sportsmen, Grappa offers the more unique than rare peculiarity of having as many as ten asphalted climbs leading at the same destination: Cima Grappa. It is possible to seal the feat of having tackled them all by filling out the Grappa Patent notebook. In addition, in recent years Grappa has also been the scene of the main amateur cycling competition in the World: the Tour Transalp.

Mountain biking (MTB) Monte Grappa

Mountain biking enthusiasts in the Veneto region will also find Grappa an area rich in possibilities. Suffice it to say that the Massif is the arrival point of the Via Mi.Gra., a stage-based mtb route on Mount Grappa that leads from Mittenwald in Bavaria right to our mountain! During the last few years, Mount Grappa has also been the protagonist of several editions of the Craft Bike Transalp international stage race for mountain bikes during which numerous athletes have challenged its uphill and downhill mule tracks!

Villa Stecchini and cycling tourism

Villa Stecchini gives great importance to cycle-tourism. We have built a fully functional "bike clinic" for two-wheelers with a workshop and electric bike rental, washing and closed storage for bikes. In addition, Villa Stecchini offers you a series of customized itineraries from the "cultural" trip, to the "adventure" trip with a challenge to reach our Chalet in the Dolomites and if you make it, you sleep for free!