The Cellars

The ancient Cantina, Taverna and Tina Sara are transformed into an exceptional location open to the public and our guests for a dinner party, private and corporate event, local wine tasting or to experience the true Venetian aperitif.

Hall of Barrels

The Sala delle Botti (Hall of Casks) is the room where the grape harvest once took place and where villagers came to press the wine that was later bottled, by the Stecchini Family, in the same room. Today it is available to guests for tastings and events, with a maximum capacity of 50 people.

The Tavern

The Tavern has always been the Family's space to drink and dine together. Even today, it is still the best stereotype of the room where you can light the fireplace and spend time with your guests, for a maximum capacity of 80 people.

Tina Sara

Tina Sara is the space where historically wagons with bunches of grapes arrived to be sorted from the branches and piled into the barrels located in the adjoining room. Today Tina Sara is Villa Stecchini's space dedicated to corporate events, trainings, trainings, book presentations, company meetings, and events where the public's attention is captured and then they can be entertained in the adjoining rooms of the barrels and the tavern with aperitif dinners and celebrations.